Long Distance 

Long distance relationships are hard. Most people fail to understand that. Alot is at stake and reasons to fight, argue and stress are high but nevertheless you have to make it work. The distance however gives me the time to focus on myself and work on my dreams. A Relationship is a 24hour job, it […]

My story 

Born on the 8th of August, 1994. Moved to Johannesburg after 2 weeks to live with my granparents. All my life JHB was home and KZN was my holiday home. Attended good schools even though it required me to be an early bird. High school was worse, used to wake up around 4am and my […]

Note to self

You have to be gentle to yourself, you give nothing but 100%. So you have to be gentle, don’t be harsh. You’ve been living according to everyone else’s expections, but not your own. You have been so obsessed with being the “perfect” individual that yesterday you made one mistake and everything good that you’ve done […]